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Want to cast an impactful vote? It's important to research who you vote for to ensure your vote matters

Researching the candidates before you head to the polls is as important as ever

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With a record turnout for Early Voting and many more expected on Election Day, people are excited to be casting their vote for who they want to represent them. In Tennessee, during the General Election, voters are not limited to exclusively voting for people in a single party. 

Michael Harris, the chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party, said people need to know who they are voting for and choose candidates who will help their community. 

"It’s critically important because the point of it all is to elect an official who will pursue your best interests and who shares your sentiment on the issues that are most important to you," Harris said. 

Harris advised looking at the platforms of each candidate and who endorses them. If they are an incumbent, look at what promises they have acted on and those they have not. This can give you a clearer picture of who aligns with your values. 

"It’s important that we stay informed and involved and that we vote based on productivity," Harris said.

Chris Tutor, the chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party, said you should also evaluate the values of the candidate's party affiliation along with their individual values. 

"It requires looking deeply into what each candidate says they believe in and what they are going to do if they get elected," Tutor said. "Also, always looking at what that political party actually believes."

Tutor and Harris both agree that the officials we elect at the local level are going to be the most impactful to our everyday lives. We need to do our research and vote for those who have our best interests in mind. 

"You’re going to see them," Tutor said. "They are our neighbors and they are in our community and they are making big decisions that have real-world impact."


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