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Mid-Southerners ready to watch final presidential debate Thursday

COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare and economy remain top priorities for voters ahead of presidential election.


Thursday, millions of people will be watching the final presidential debate before the election November 3.  

Local 24 News Weekend Anchor Annette Peagler went to the streets to get candid answers from voters on what issues they’d like to see addressed.  

“What is the character of a president of the United States of America? What should he look like, what should his character be? How should he conduct himself,” said Memphis resident, Curtis Covington.   

Covington is one of many voters who still have unanswered questions when it comes to this election and who she’d like to see get the job done.  

“Healthcare for our elderly people and for people who don’t have it, Covington explained.  

And plans for the COVID-19 pandemic are still at the top of the list of voters' concerns.  

“I hope we continue to listen to the scientists and really base the policies and things like that...based on what we are hearing from the experts. As well as what’s our plan for when we do have a vaccine how are we going to make sure all the people have great access to that, said early voter, Alexis Lynn  

Local 24 News found some who have zero interest.  

“I don’t want to watch,” said Melody Stewart I know both candidates, we’ve known them for a while”  

During these unprecedented times, how the president elect would handle our nation’s economy is also one of the reasons Covington is tuning in.  

“The best thing you can give a man is a job. You give him a job and he can work and afford to make a living for himself, she said.  

And Lynn thinks the muting of the mics will be a bonus 

That’s the number one thing I’m looking forward to is if they impose that muting the mics that we can actually hear each candidate’s answers without being interrupted and just have the dialogue be based on the questions and the answers rather than the back and forth between the candidates” Lynn explained. 

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