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This election has brought out the worst in Americans

The election has shown how angry and passionate people can be over their political views.


Anger has infected America. 

The Presidential election has people literally swinging at each other, screaming at each other, and even trying to hurt each other. It is not a pretty sight. 

There are concerns that if there are any questions or complaints about counting the votes, the anger could spill into the streets.  

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland says “I was on a call last week with Mayors from across the country. They had different experts who monitor social media and they were more expecting problems in swing states and in cities in Florida and Ohio.” 

Memphis is a city whose people vote for Democrats. The rest of the State of Tennessee is rock ribbed Republican.  

Tennessee hasn’t voted for a Democratic candidate for President since Bill Clinton. That is not expected to change in this election.  

The Mayor just wants to be ready. “I think between the Memphis Police, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, and the Elections Commission we are prepared for anything that might arise. I do not expect anything.”

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