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Scoot-to-own program aims to help those without a car get around the city

A one-of-a-kind program is getting a big thumbs up as people look for ways to deal with the transportation mess that is Memphis.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – It was definitely not a Harley, not a “Bornto be Wild” machine. If anything, it has a born to be mild attitude to it.

This is part of the My City Rides program to help people without a car get around in Memphis.

The head of My City Rides, Andy Nix, says, “My City Rides isa non-profit whose primary mission is to help people get back and forth towork.”

The scooter runs on gasoline. Not much of it is needed. It getsclose to 90 miles a gallon. Top speed is about 60 mph.

And commissioners liked what they heard.

“This is a huge advantage for many people,” CommissionerReginald Milton said.

Memphis and the car are like a hot dog and mustard – made for eachother.

Companies that have moved here often have to ask the governmentsto set up bus service to their businesses, so their employees can get there. Eventhen, studies have shown that some people spend seven hours a day commuting ina bus.

My City Rides set up shop about a year ago, quietly.

“We spent the first year building the program,” Andy Nixsaid, “… determining what it takes not only to put people on scooters,but to keep them out there, and to put the system and infrastructure in placeto be ready to scale.”

There are 123 scooters on the road right now, and only in Memphis.No other city in the country has a program like My City Rides.

For $90 dollars a month you get what you need, and rent thescooter. It’s rent-to-own, and after three years, this hog is yours.

Nix says it’s time to grow. “We’re at a point,” he said,“… where we are interested in meeting with local businesses that havework forces that have transportation challenges.”

My City Rides folks wants commissioners to get county employeesinvolved, maybe even automatically deducting the $90 a month out of theirchecks.

“This is a perfect addition for our city,” Milton said,“… I will be fully supportive of it.”

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