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Tennessee bill would allow biological father to stop woman from getting an abortion

The bill would hold the woman in civil or criminal contempt if she violated the injunction, and no exceptions would be made for rape or incest.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A bill introduced in Tennessee would allow a man who gets a woman pregnant to veto her abortion.

The bill would require that within 14 days of filing an injunction, the man would have to prove to a court that he is the biological father - a DNA test not required. He also must prove there is a reasonable probability that the woman would get an abortion.

If the woman violates the injunction by getting an abortion, she could be held in civil or criminal contempt.

No exceptions would be made for rape or incest.

However, if the bill were to pass, it would likely be unconstitutional based on a 1992 Supreme Court case striking down a requirement that a woman would have to notify her husband before getting an abortion.

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