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VERIFY: Yes, your employer can mandate that you must get a COVID-19 vaccination

They can potentially fire you if they mandate it and you refuse to get vaccinated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Could your employer fire you if they require that you have a COVID-19 vaccination and you refuse?

Civil trial attorney Kevin Snider said "yes" they can. 

"With some very limited exceptions the quick answer is absolutely they can," Snider said. 

He said the exceptions could include being a part of a union or if you can provide a medical or religious reason for not taking it. If you can verify the reason why you can't take it then your employer must make reasonable accommodations for you. 

Snider also raised a question about what kind of precedence mandating the COVID-19 vaccine will set. 

"The concern I have, and this is from a personal and a legal standpoint, is once we start down this road how far down this road do we go?" Snider said. "If you require this then next are you going to require flu shots, are you going to require other things?" 

Snider's advice for employees is to talk with their boss because employers and companies are currently weighing the pros and cons of a COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Companies must consider protecting all their employees as well as their clients and customers.

"Start looking into what objections, if any, you would have to getting the vaccine," Snider said. "The other thing you could do is start checking with your employer to see if this is something they are going to do."

Snider has also advised some businesses to tread lightly with a mandate in case there are any changes with the emergency use authorization.