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Famous pizza company helps St. Jude give its patients and their families a little more comfort

A new housing facility for St. Jude patients and their families that will be equipped for long and short-term stays.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — In tonight’s Ransom Note: if you’re ordering pizza in the near future, think about ordering Domino’s. 

I don’t usually make pizza endorsements, but what Domino’s did to endorse one of our community’s crown jewels, it deserves some appreciation. 

Check it out, the future ‘Domino’s Village. It’s a new housing facility for St. Jude patients and their families. It’ll be six stories high and have 140 units for long and short-term stays. 

And it gets even better. It’s being made possible thanks to a 100 million-dollar donation from Domino’s! 

Spread over 10 years, it’s the largest financial commitment ever made in St. Jude history. Construction will begin this fall near the St. Jude campus and be completed in spring of 2023. 

It’s always easy to find areas where our community can improve, but sometimes it can also be easy to forget how blessed we are because of places like St. Jude; world-renowned for the work they do and the positive difference the researchers, doctors and staff make in countless lives. 

Thanks to Domino’s for believing enough in St. Jude to help its success well into the future. 

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