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Opinion | We all need to take the 2023 Memphis mayor's race seriously | Richard Ransom

Richard Ransom explains why we all need to take next year's race for Memphis mayor seriously.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We have to take the Memphis mayor's race seriously. There's too much at stake.

Luckily, everyone who's announced so far is a serious candidate. They all hold important positions. Many them are elected positions and they all want what's best for our city. 

Almost everyone.

Unfortunately, canceled former TV judge Joe Brown has decided to run as well. When he was asked since there are more women than men in Memphis, shouldn't a woman run for mayor? Brown said, "Some things men do real well and one of the main problems is ... I don't want to get crude about it, but some places you need to go to exercise leadership, some of the good ladies in here would get drug into an abandoned apartment and raped. That's one of the problems."

See? Not a serious candidate. I wish he'd cancel his campaign just like network executives did with his TV show almost a decade ago. That's not likely to happen so it's up to us, voters and the news media, not to take him seriously.

In 2014, when Brown rain against Amy Weirich to be D.A., he questioned her sexual orientation and said it was time for her to come out of the closet. The remark got way too much publicity. 

This year, we should all follow Weirich's response back then. She said, "My family didn't sign on to be part of the Judge Joe Brown show." Amen to that. 

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