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She changed her mind but it was too late

Even though Democratic Senate candidate Marquita Bradshaw decided to debate after all, she won't get the chance to.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — In tonight’s Ransom Note: the voters lose again. 

We learned today there will be no debate for the US Senate seat being vacated by Lamar Alexander. 

The ABC affiliate in Nashville was all set to host a debate a week from tomorrow but canceled it today due to “logistical conflicts” and refused to get more specific. 

What we know is the voters have the right to hear from Democrat Marquita Bradshaw, the South Memphis environmental activist and unlikely winner of the democratic primary. 

And Republican Bill Hagerty, the former Japanese ambassador and President Trump’s hand-picked successor for the seat, is an easy front-runner. He has millions in the bank compared to Bradshaw’s thousands. 

So, it makes you wonder why in August and September when Bradshaw was asked if she’d debate, her answer was no. Then last week she changed her mind telling reporters that due to COVID-19 and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Tennesseans needed to hear from the top Senate candidates. 

I agree with October Bradshaw but disagree with August and September Bradshaw. 

Politics 101: When you’re the longshot candidate, you don’t decline to debate your opponent until the last minute. 

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