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Opinion | If MSCS are serious about 're-imagining' education, this needs a look | Richard Ransom

Anchor Richard Ransom shares why he thinks year-round learning needs a look in Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If Memphis-Shelby County Schools are serious about 're-imagining' education, the idea of year-round learning needs a serious look.

Dr. Joris Ray said he didn't want apples thrown at him for suggesting it, but here's why he did: 

  • Districts on a year-round schedule attend classes anywhere from 6-9 weeks in a row broken up by 2-4 week vacations.
  • A Duke University study found it puts kids at a slight advantage because they're less likely to forget what they learned versus the traditional schedule.
  • It's been proven to help kids in low-income areas, which are more susceptible to the so-called "summer slide". 
  • Students also have better relationships with their friends and teachers.

There are disadvantages, of course. The traditional schedule is outdated. It started centuries ago, when most of us lived on farms. If only 1 in 11 of our kids are performing at their grade level, it's time to think outside the box.

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