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MLGW has the power to pull the plug on TVA

MLGW needs to decide whether or not to continue to buy its electricity from TVA

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — I've had many a Ransom Note over the years on why MLGW at least needs to consider leaving the TVA to buy its electricity.

It wasn't an easy pitch at first. We'd been TVA's biggest customer for more than 80 years. Why leave?

But the TVA has an image problem: toxic spills of coal ash, over inflated salaries, lavish expenditures, and years of ignoring Memphis and taking us for granted.

Then suddenly we realized we might have a way out that could save us as much as 30% off our utility bills, the kind of money in the pocket that would be a big deal in any city but especially one with one of the highest poverty rates in the country.

All we have to do is give the TVA five years notice that we're going with another power source, and we're free and clear. There are important questions to be asked about how it would all come together, but at least now it seems we're willing to see this isn't some crazy idea. That's what the process is for. Let's get it started.

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