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Opinion | It's a day where we can express our gratitude with everyone | Richard Ransom

ABC24 Anchor Richard Ransom discusses in his Ransom Note about something that he is especially thankful for.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In tonight’s Ransom Note: giving thanks. 

Psychologists say expressing gratitude is one of the healthiest things we can do, which is why I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the years. No commercialism, no stress, just good food and time with family and friends. 

I’m grateful for all of those, of course. 

But this year, I’m also grateful for out health care workers who’ve been selflessly treating COVID patients long after the point they should have to. 

A few weeks ago, with the Delta variant still surging, I visited the COVID ICU ward at Methodist University Hospital. 

It was one thing for these doctors and nurses to treat patients when there was no vaccine. But this year, most of the patients in the ICU didn’t have to be there. 

They chose not to get a perfectly safe needed for patients in the hospital, putting themselves and others in danger, often filling up beds and tying up staff needed for patients in the hospital for reasons that weren’t their choice.  

I’m grateful for their patience and understanding especially as COVID numbers start to unnecessarily climb again. 

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