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Opinion | While CJ Davis is new to Memphis, she's learning quickly how bad it is | Richard Ransom

In Monday's Ransom Note, ABC24 Anchor Richard Ransom gives his thoughts on Memphis' top cop's gun being stolen over the weekend.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just 10 days into the new year, there's something about the Memphis police chief's gun being stolen that tells you all you need to know about the extent of the city's gun problem. 

While CJ Davis is new to Memphis, she's learning quickly how bad it is.

In her statement, she said:

 "This incident is a vivid reminder that even as a police official, I am not immune to the criminal activity that occurs so blatantly in our city. Carrying my weapons on or near my person has been a career-long practice on and off duty. Like so many others in our city, I am outraged to have property stolen and angered that my gun may be used unlawfully to commit a crime. This was an unfortunate incident and a reminder of the public safety challenges we face as a community. This will only strengthen my resolve to get stolen guns off our streets and bring those perpetrators to justice."

To her credit, Chief Davis, Sheriff Bonner, DA  Amy Weirich, and many others have been begging Tennessee lawmakers to stop this race to the bottom to have the most lax gun laws in the country where guns become easier to steal, demanding no responsibility or accountability out of gun owners.

The result? We're paying the price every day. This weekend, so did its very own police chief.

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