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Opinion | The restaurant might be closing but the memories will never go away | Richard Ransom

ABC24 Anchor Richard Ransom discusses in his Ransom Note about Pancho's restaurant closing.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In tonight’s Ransom Note: the end of an era. 

And yes, I’m talking about Pancho’s because that’s what the restaurant has meant to many of us who’ve lived here for any length of time. 

We remember how Pancho’s used to give away its famous cheese dip just by asking, and how it was about the only option in Memphis if you wanted some Mexican food. 

But don’t feel too sorry for the company, sales of its famous cheese dip are going so well that it’s focusing resources on that. 

Three years ago, we took you inside the factory near the airport that makes it and showed you how it is successful firsthand.  

How stores in about twenty states are now selling Pancho’s cheese dip, how the factory employs more than a dozen people and is making its mark by using 20 tons for high quality cheese every week. 

You never know what Memphis will innovate. Overnight delivery, grocery stores, Holiday Inns, and yes, cheese dip is on that list too. 

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