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Opinion | When adults mock a teenager for supporting masks in school after his grandmother died from COVID, our society is in trouble | Richard Ransom

“‘Love thy neighbor?’ Apparently not.”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In Thursday’s Ransom Note: the country we are becoming.

Outside a Memphis federal court Thursday, a parent who wants the judge to once again allow parents to opt-out of face masks at school was asked, “What about parents of kids with disabilities?” Her honest response was, who cares, her kids are fine. “They need to worry about their own children. My children, I’m not worried about them. They have been unmasked. They have been healthy the entire time,” said Sabrina Byrd.

Love thy neighbor? Apparently not. And lest you think she's an isolated example, what happened at a school board meeting in Rutherford County, Tennessee, this week caught the attention of ABC’s World News Tonight. Pay close attention to the parents.

The debate over masks in schools turning ugly. In Tennessee, teenager Grady Knox trying to make the case for masks. “I’m worried about my family. If I get COVID, I’m gonna bring it to my family,” said Grady, only to be cruelly mocked by the crowd when he shared how his grandmother, a former teacher, had died of COVID.

“My grandmother who was a former teacher at the Rutherford County School System died of COVID because someone wasn't wearing a mask. This is a very…” When parents heckled the teenager, a moderator said, “We're here to act professional.”

Disgusting, right? Parents who should know better are embarrassing themselves, quoting junk science and any misinformation they can find to back them up. If societies are truly judged by how they treat their children, the behavior of some is not a good sign for us.”

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Parents, Our school board adopted a temporary, 30-day mask requirement tonight, which will begin Monday. We will send...

Posted by Rutherford County Schools on Thursday, September 9, 2021

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