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Opinion | Which is your favorite Halloween costume? | Richard Ransom

ABC24 Anchor Richard Ransom discusses in his Ransom Note about the upcoming Halloween night and excitement that comes with it.

In tonight’s Ransom Note: Halloween hype. 

It’s about a lot more than pumpkins and costumes these days and we’re spending more celebrating it every year. 

But costumes are still at the center of the fun and Google has been tracking our searches and tonight is out with the costumes we like most as a nation and city by city.  

Check it out. In the US, the top ten choices are a rabbit, dinosaur, Spiderman, Cruella de Vil, a fairy, Harley Quinn, cowboy, clown, and Chucky. 

But closer to home, it breaks down like this:  

  • In Memphis, the top five are dinosaurs, angels, Tinker Bell, Darth Vader and Cruella de Vil 
  • Cruella is the top choice in Jonesboro 
  • Little Rock likes pirates most 
  • St. Louis is like Memphis; dinosaurs are number one 
  • And Nashville prefers the rabbit

Whatever you dress up as, the most important thing is to have fun and be safe. Enjoy a day where it’s okay to lighten up a little. 

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