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Opinion | We all should take the initiative to help someone we know get the COVID-19 shot | Otis Sanford

Local 24 News political analyst and commentator Otis Sanford shares his point of view on getting back to a sense of normalcy in the Mid-South amid the pandemic.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is doing all it can to try to get back to normal. Attendance will be up to 40% of capacity in FedEx Forum Wednesday night for the big game between the Grizzlies and the Spurs. And the Redbirds are allowing full capacity at AutoZone Park starting Tuesday night.

All of this is positive news. But it has to be accompanied by a stepped-up effort to get more people in Memphis vaccinated against COVID-19. Some zip codes in the city have done well with the percentage of residents getting shots. Others, however, are lagging far behind with vaccine rates under 30%. That’s not going to cut it if we really want to safely get back to full restaurants, full houses of worship – and close to a full grindhouse for Grizzlies playoff games – assuming they get that far.

To their credit, volunteers are making the rounds in key neighborhoods – passing out literature and encouraging residents to get the vaccine. Because much of the hesitancy stems from a lack of information – along with the inability to get to vaccination sites. That’s why it’s important to reach this vulnerable population.

So to the volunteers, I say, thank you. But we all should take the initiative to help someone we know get the shots. We are seeing more normalcy with each passing day. Let’s keep the momentum going – by getting vaccinated. And that’s my point of view.