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Opinion | Let's demand responsible gun ownership again | Richard Ransom

With a spike in gun crimes, Richard Ransom breaks down what he thinks needs to be changed.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The numbers don't lie.

What are we supposed to do when legal gun owners leave their guns, shotguns and rifles in their car and they don't take proper precautions?

Once again, here's Judge Dan Michael with the Shelby County Juvenile Court. 

"Get a vault, get a cable lock, get a cable, something that's going to prevent someone from stealing it from your car," he said. "Don't just put it under the front seat of the glovebox."

The problem is they're not and gun crimes are up 85%. 

Remember the term "responsible gun ownership"? Is that even a thing anymore? 

If a legal gun owner irresponsibly leaves it on their front seat or in a glovebox and a felony is later committed using that gun, should that owner be held responsible? How is that different than a bartender being held responsible for letting a drunk driver go home drunk who kills someone? 

Let's demand responsible gun ownership again.

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