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Opinion | Oak Court Mall needs to find new ways to get people in, keep stores afloat | Richard Ransom

Richard Ransom shares what he thinks about the upcoming auction of the Oak Court Mall.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It's hard to believe that the Oak Court Mall, once considered the premier mall in Memphis, will be auctioned off on the steps of the Shelby County Courthouse later this month.

The Oak Court Mall, surrounded by some of the wealthiest ZIP codes in the city once home to the best in retail, is now trying to stay afloat with stores selling baseball caps and sunglasses. Although, my wife swears it still has the best Macy's in town.

This doesn't mean the mall is going out of business. Just that the mall's owners are struggling. 

The owners of many malls are struggling. Carriage Crossing in Collierville lost Macy's and has lots of empty storefronts. You can make the case Wolfchase isn't the mall it used to be.

The enemy, honestly, is people like me who much prefer the time savings of shopping online. Hopefully, struggling malls can find new ways to lure customers in and keep the retailers inside afloat.

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