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Some dying to vote may be lying to vote

Vote by mail or absentee voting in Tennessee currently does not make provisions for COVID-19 pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

In Thursday's Ransom Note: lying for the right to vote.

This is what it's come to in these days of supercharged politics. Say you're in your 40s, feel fine, but have asthma. You'll be at home for the August primary, but you'd rather not go to a public polling place in the middle of a pandemic. You'd rather vote by mail or absentee. Right now, Tennessee says too bad. You either have to be out of town, be serving as a juror, in the hospital or physically disabled, serving as caretaker for someone who is, or in the military.

But right now the fear of COVID-19 isn't enough to. Polls show most Americans support it, regardless of party.

I'm guessing that's because they know the coronavirus doesn't care if you're red or blue. I'm guessing that's because they saw the stories of more than 50 people who voted in person or worked the polls during Wisconsin's April primary caught COVID-19. I’m guessing that's because they know several states have vote by mail with isolated examples of voter fraud.

So, I'm guessing many will lie, say they'll be out of town, and do it anyway. So, what did this policy prove, exactly?

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