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Opinion | This word seems to describe how many MLGW customers are feeling | Richard Ransom

Anchor Richard Ransom explains how he believes many MLGW customers are feeling after last week's ice storm.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Know what happens when you put an "f" in front of the word "utility"?

You get f-utility. That word seems to describe how too many MLGW customers are feeling these days.

I sat in on Tuesday's Zoom call with reporters and heard questions about the following:

  • Neighbors in Nutbush have had a transformer in the middle of their street since last Thursday. Several MLGW crews have come to check it out, but the transformer is still there.
  • People are getting text messages from MLGW saying their power is back on, only it isn't, and when they call customer service, they get terse responses.
  • Predictions provided by MLGW on when the power will be back on are constantly wrong.
  • Oh, and those expensive smart meters put in each of our homes aren't so smart. Apparently, there's no way to ping our meters to learn if the electricity is on or not.

Look, the electrocution of a utility worker in Marshall County shows it's dangerous work, and I honestly believe those who run MLGW care about the important work they do. 

But, you get this "learning as we go" feeling, you wonder if the systems being relied on to inform us were even tested for situations like this. 

Wednesday marks day 7. 40,000 people should not still be in the dark.

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