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Mayor Strickland, we're waiting on you

With Memphis City Council and MLGW not getting along, the city looks to the mayor to see what he'll do.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — In tonight’s Ransom Note: the power grab. 

With hundreds of millions on the line, as well as some political egos, in this ongoing debate about whether MLGW should leave TVA and buy electricity from another source, it’s time for Mayor Jim Strickland to step up.  

You see, the MLGW board and Memphis City Council aren’t getting along. Because now, it’s crunch time where rubber meets the road and when we as a community find out whether studies suggesting we could save up to 450 million dollars by leaving the Tennessee Valley Authority are true. 

The latest dust-up is over whether to hire a 500-thousand-dollar consultant to help MLGW through the bidding process.  

The MLGW board said absolutely. City Council raised its eyebrows at the cost and the 18-month timeline and denied the request. And there it sits.   

Mayor Strickland has stepped-up before when controversies erupted. The Memphis Zoo and Overton Park and The Memphis in May festival and Tom Lee Park are two examples that come to mind.  

It’s time for the mayor to show that same leadership again.  

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