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Grizz Girl surprised with marriage proposal at Grizzlies playoff game

Sierra was shocked when her fiancé popped the question during Game 5 of the Timberwolves-Grizzlies series

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Grizzlies are on the hunt for a ring. But one Grizz Girl already got hers. 

Game 5 against the Timberwolves will go down as one of the best playoff games in Grizzlies history. There was the dramatic comeback, and the dunk of Ja Morant's career to date.

But Grizz Girl Sierra Peterson will remember it for another reason; the day her boyfriend Andy Fruitt proposed at FedExForum.

 "It was something I always dreamed of, but I never knew if that would be possible," Peterson said of the surprise stadium proposal. "It was one of those reaching for the stars proposals that I dreamed about."

Peterson has been dancing with the Grizz Girls for the last five years.

"I wasn't even a basketball fan until the Grizzlies came along in my life. Now I can't imagine my life without it."

Her and Andy worked together at FedEx, where they discovered their mutual love for the Grizzlies and one another.

"It's really progressed our relationship," she said.

When the time came to propose, it was only natural that it happen at a Grizzlies game. So Andy checked with the team and a plan was hatched.

"I didn't want it to be another dancer getting engaged at a game," he said. "It was unique and it was part of a promotion that had already been going on."

The promotion is called The Phrase That Pays. Fans need to solve a Wheel of Fortune-style puzzle to win a prize.

"And I think to myself I have no idea what that phrase is," Sierra recalled when the partially-filled in phrase appeared on the jumbotron.

The first fan they speak to can't figure it out. They ask for help from the audience. Andy steps up to the task.

"My first thought was how did he get such good seats?"

Soon it was clear. The phrase was unveiled in big block letters: SIERRA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

"My mouth just dropped to the floor," She said, remembering the moment as he ran down the FedExForum stairs to her before dropping to one knee. "He said Sierra will you marry me and it was just a whirlwind from there."

After that magical moment, Sierra had a job to do. It was time to take the court for their routine, and she didn't want to lose the ring!

"We're about to go out there and I say, 'Can you hold this for me?'" Taking off the ring to demonstrate. "And the crowd around us thought 'Oh gosh, is she giving the ring back already? Was this staged?'"

"Definitely some jokes thrown around when that happened," Andy said.

"I just want to say thank you so much to the Grizzlies organization," Sierra said. "This was a unique experience, and we don't take it for granted."

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