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Blue and yellow flood the FedExForum, as Grizzlies fans already look ahead to second playoff game against the Lakers

The average cost of a ticket was around $140, but multiple fans shelled out hundreds per ticket, saying it's all worth it to see the Grizzlies play.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When the playoff season hits, Grizzlies fans flood downtown Memphis.

“I’m excited,” said Kirsten & Aaliyah Fleming.

Whether a veteran or born into the Grizzlies Den, no fan wanted to miss the faceoff against a team like the Lakers — or a player like LeBron.

“I’m excited to see Dillon trash-talk to LeBron for sure,” said Hayes Byars said. 

The 11-year-old has been a Grizzlies fan for as long as he can remember.

A lot was riding on the Grizzlies during their first playoff game. The team debuted as the number two seed and brought in a lot of high expectations. Fans were ready to see the Grizzlies-experience put to the test.

“It’s pretty big for us because for the last few years we’ve made it to the playoffs, but we’ve been kind of a lower seed, and we haven’t had the experience like we do now,” said Austin and Caleb Broadbent, “So it kind of seems like now is our time.”

While Ticketmaster said the average price for the first playoff game was around $140, fans were not afraid to pay a little — or a lot — extra.

“$1,500 for two tickets — that’s ok, it’s worth it, it’s worth every dollar spent,” one fan told ABC24. 

Another family said they paid around $3,500 to $4,000 for six tickets and said it was still worth it to see the Grizzlies face one of the most successful franchises in the NBA.

While the first game did not go the Grizzlies’ way, fans are saying their hopes are not dashed yet.

“[It was the] first playoff game I’ve ever been to, and we lost, but we’re coming back — game two,” said Creek Watson.

People now have their eyes on Ja Morant’s injury, and if the point guard will be able to make the April 19 game. However, fans are confident the NBA team will be able to fill in the gap caused by the injury.

“Everybody can step up when somebody not picking up,” said Jordan Stewart.

"And we gonna get it, we gonna get it. Whoop that what? Trick,” said Jane Cochran.

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