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Harding Academy’s Isaiah Nolan competes for spot on USA Baseball’s 12-U National Travel Team

Isaiah Nolan is a top talent in baseball, who has a huge opportunity this month.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – In Memphis, you can find top talent in basketball, football, track,soccer, volleyball, badminton, boxing, bowling, swimming; basically everything,including baseball. Isaiah Nolan is a top talent in baseball, who has a hugeopportunity this month.

Rain or shine, you can find 12-year-old Isaiah putting in thework.

“It’s like therapy for me. It takes care of my emotions andeverything.”

Isaiah, a rising 7th grader at Harding Academy, will compete thismonth for a spot on USA Baseball’s 12-U National Travel Team.

“Whenever I’m on the field I feel this sense of like swag, andlike I got this. I got every play that comes to me.”

He’s one of just 128 players invited to the 12-U National Open,the final tryout before USA Baseball selects 18 players to travel to Taiwan tocompete in the World Cup.

“To me, it’s really getting me out there on the radar and it’ssetting me up with another opportunity to make it to the MLB. And it’s gettingme out there to USA Baseball. USA Baseball is a very high level of baseball andmy dad has introduced them to me.”

Isaiah’s dad Thomas played college baseball himself.

“I look up to him 100%. He’s my role model in my life. He’s likemy best friend.”

Thomas knew from his son’s tee-ball days that he had somethingspecial.

“If the ball was hit to left field, he’d run from short stop toleft field to get a ball that another kid was supposed to get. But I had tocontain him because he thought every ball he was supposed to get,” said dad.

Isaiah’s goals have skyrocketed since; major league baseball, collegebaseball.

“He can only write the ticket of where he wants to go by how hardhe works and the effort he puts in and stays focused and stay in school andkeep his grades up,” said Thomas.

“Every choice I make has to benefit me on the baseball field,”said Isaiah.

In a city like Memphis that tends to focus on basketball andfootball, Isaiah hopes he can change that.

“I try to strive and tell little kids that play baseball and justkeep their minds on the road, keep in their lane and they’ll make it,” said Isaiah.

A game plan Isaiah wants to follow all the way to the majors.