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Fans excited for the overdue return of high school football

Mid-south schools are finally able to play what's expected to be a normally scheduled football season.
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fans packed Crump Stadium this week to witness the first time many mid-south players were able to step back out on the gridiron. 

“It feels good to be back under these Friday night lights,” said fan Cameron Swindle.

“It's Friday night fun, it’s better than a Sunday night,” fan Antrel Daniel added.

This year, not some, but all mid-south schools are back out on the field for football season.

And fans feel this year will be better than before.

“When I come to the game, I’m expecting to see touchdown after touchdown, and the football culture is so good because we’ve been watching these kids play since they were babies,” said Swindle.

But for many of the parents, it’s not all about the game,

it’s also about what the game can do for the promising youth in the midsouth community.

“This is something that we know that for a lot of our children, it takes them and catapults them to the next level,” said Daniel.

With COVID still being a concern, however, there are precautions schools are expected to take.

Masks are still required indoors.

Fans are asked to social distance and if not possible also wear a face-covering.

But many of the students say they don’t care what they have to do as long as football season is here to stay.

“It means the world to me, I’m so excited to finally be back in football season. Friday night lights I love it. I love it here,” said senior cheerleader Azana Bruce.  

“I understand the frustration of being home and being stuck at home and not being able to cheer again, but I would say to keep pushing forward. This year we’re going to make it the best year ever because we’re so excited to be back,” said Bruce.

Week one of high school football season kicks off Friday, August 20.