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Lausanne cornerback commits to Harvard, earns 23 college offers despite picking up sport two years ago

Langston Rogers started playing football in tenth grade. He committed to Harvard over multiple Ivy League and military academy offers

It wasn't always football for Langston Rogers.

"It was basketball all the way until tenth grade," the Lausanne senior safety/cornerback/wide receiver said.

It was that summer when Langston's mom finally gave the okay for him to play.

"My mom, she never let me play football," he said. "She thought it was too dangerous, but the coaches eventually convinced her to let me play and so we just tried it out."

Rogersr enters his senior campaign committed to Harvard after picking up the sport just over two years ago.

"He had to fast-track everything," head coach Kevin Locastro said. "Coming in as a tenth grader and never playing football before, he had a huge learning curve."

It wasn't THAT bad. After all, he made a tackle in his first game!

"Made a tackle is being generous," defensive coordinator Chris Jordan said.

So what happened?

"I think we played FACS my first game," Rogers said.

"He runs out and throws his chest out," Jordan said with a laugh. "No form, no technique. He just throws his chest out and the dude almost decapitates him."

"The dude just came running at me I think I just hugged him and fell back," Rogers said.

"He popped up and was laughing," Jordan said. "I was like, Langston, that's not how you tackle!"

But he was a fast learner and committed to the process.

"He took it to heart and he worked his butt off and transformed into Langston," Jordan said.

Recruiters noticed. By the end of his junior year, Rogers had 23 offers to play college football, including from Yale and Princeton.

"I mean it was different coaches calling everyday," he said. "Trying to get an idea of where I was at. It's hard to tell someone no, because I've built a good relationship with all of the coaches I talked to."

In the end, a chance at a Harvard education was too much to pass up.

"Just life after football, I think Harvard set me up best for that," he said. "Even when I went on my visit there, it was that Harvard was somewhere I wanted to be even if I didn't play football."

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