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CBHS fights to remain undefeated ahead of rivalry game

Two CBHS seniors reflect on past adversities that fuel their play to remain undefeated in their final season.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The basketball brothers of CBHS are undefeated at 21 and 0 with only five games left in the regular season. 

"We just, the entire team just has that attitude that we just don't like to lose," said Nehemiah Ausely. 

However, for Nehemiah Ausley and Ashton Strother, their fight is also fueled by the adversity they've faced throughout the years.

"Stay with me today and anything that you would say if you were here, let it run through the back of my mind while I'm playing," said Ashton Strother. 

Following the team prayer before every game, those are the words Ashton speaks to his late father who he lost in middle school.

"Even not having him for as long as I've wanted to he always played a big role in me," said Ashton. 

Ashton's father played both basketball and football for Whitehaven high, but in Ashton's junior year, he had to choose to put football first, watching his team lose in the playoffs just before the state championships.

"With the team being undefeated and knowing I could have had a role in helping them bring the gold ball back it was pretty hard," said Ashton. 

It was just as hard for then junior, Nehemiah who worked hard to earn a spot on the floor.

"When I was a freshman, coming here, I had a rude awakening," said Nehemiah. 

The team's star power forced Nehemiah to put in the extra work the next two seasons.

Nehemiah looked to players like Grizzlies star Ja Morant for motivation.

"(He) wasn't very popular in high school. Stuff like that so I always think of people like that, like why can't that be me one day," said Nehemiah. 

Now both Nehemiah and Ashton are seniors.

Nehemiah is now one of the team's lock-down defenders, and Ashton is walking in his father's footsteps playing football and basketball his senior year.

"It's kind of in my blood to be on the football field and the court," said Ashton. 

And for their final year, both are hoping to finish what they started last season, remaining undefeated until the state title is theirs.

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