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'Getting to the next level' | Former Ole Miss DT changing the Way 'D-linemen' train in the 901

“[My goal is to] get these kids to a high level where they can be comfortable in themselves. And get comfortable in the player I know they want to be."

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Defensive linemen aren’t the flashiest players on the field, but a good "D-lineman" can elevate a team’s defense.  

Elite linemen like Chris Jones, Myles Garret and Aaron Donald have put in countless hours of work. Every one of them has worked with a D-line specialist. 

Here in Memphis there's an elite D-line specialist — former Ole Miss defensive tackle, Herbert Moore.  

In the Mid-South, if you want to be an offensive lineman’s worst nightmare or learn some counter moves to protect your backfield, you go see coach Moore. The former Ole Miss Rebel started "901 Trench Work" to help players set the tone in the trenches. 

“[My goal is to] get these kids to a high level where they can be comfortable in themselves,” Moore said. “And get comfortable in the player I know they want to be. And getting them to the next level where I know their dreams at.” 

Moore offers classes where he breaks down players’ film, coaches them up and goes through specific drills with them. 

He has training videos on his website where players can get an idea of what he does in training sessions  

Coach Herb says becoming a better D-lineman is all about the details. 

“Trying to improve their game on a whole other level — When you come to teaching football and its D-line, it's more in detail than what people think it is, when it comes to move and all that, so it’s the extra detail that’s going to help them get to that next level.” 

Moore’s expertise is respected across the country. He works with NFL players Quinton Bohanna, Eric Banks and Frank Herron. 

He also works with many college players, including Memphis lineman CorMontae Hamilton. When Moore isn’t working with individuals, he’s in the trenches coaching the Lausanne D-line.

Those who work with Moore said they're being helped in realizing their potential.  

“He gives us that next level of moves,” Lausanne O-lineman and MSU Commit, Luke Work. “He shows us a lot of new stuff. He knows a lot.” 

Jeremiah Morrow, a Lausanne D-lineman, agrees.

"Him just breaking it down for me, little by little, teaching me — every footstep is just helping me along the way," Morrow said. "I can see the improvement, day by day."

Trevor Anthony is a Lausanne Edge Rusher.

“The things that he teaches me, he coaches his NFL and college players,” Anthony said. “It translates to the field — you can see it.” 

Coach Herb says teaching players when they are younger will help them from creating bad habits down the road.  

He teaches his students moves like stab, jab, rip, cut or ghost move — some techniques a player might not get from regular practice.  

He said he also wants to prepare these kids for life because at the end of the day football isn’t forever. 

“The technique part of the game will always stay with you through football and life,” Moore said. 

If you are interested in working with coach Herb, you can go to his website or check out his twitter: @CoachHerb1 or Instagram: 901_trenchwork.  

Eventually he said he wants to run his own training facility and make training players his full-time job. 


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