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Grizzlies officially introduce 2022 draft picks to Memphis

Jake Laravia, David Roddy, Memphis native Kennedy Chandler, and Vince Williams are the newest names and faces on the Memphis Grizzlies roster.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Although those trades that led to those picks in Thursday’s draft may have been a surprise to many Memphians, Zach Kleiman clarified in Friday's press conference, it was all apart of the plan.

“We had a plan going into the night where we felt that all of the individuals up here would be significant additions to the group, and we’re more than excited that we were able to go out and acquire them all on the way,” said Kleiman.

The only pick Kleiman wasn’t certain he would get was Memphis native Kennedy Chandler. However, once he realized that no one had made the call the Grizzlies franchise did.

“I’ve been away from home probably for two years now, so for me to be able to wear memphis across my chest and play for this organization, it means a lot,” said Chandler.

However, one pick earlier, the Grizzlies front office traded DeAnthony Melton to the 76ers in a deal bringing David Roddy to Memphis.

Roddy expected to come in as a dominate rebounder with range on his shot.

Coming out of Colorado State, Roddy shot more than 40 percent from three, nearly 60 from the field, and avaeraged 19 points a game.

Drafted at 23, the Moutain west player of the year almost missed his life changing call.

“They actually facetimed me right after and I didn’t know what the number was so I kind of just let it go, initially. Then they called me again and I said okay I need to answer this, it was Taylor and Zach,” said Roddy.

The Grizzlies most surprising pick was Jake Laravia out of Wake Forest.

He too adds to the outside scoring which could round out a grizzlies team that can score well in the paint with Ja Morant leading the way.

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since I was a kid. Hearing my name called that was such a surreal moment for me being able to celebrate with my family and friends it was an experience I’m never going to forget,” said LaRavia.

The final pick of the night for the Grizzlies came out of VCU.

6-6 rebounder with scoring ability, Vince Williams, who said the Mempis culture is one that he likes, and can get use to.

“Seems like the city is crazy over the basketball team and I feel like I had that at vcu too. I feel like it’s a basketball nation and the culture is good so I feel like I would fit in perfect,” sais Williams.

The only question mark for the Grizzlies now is what happens with Danny Green acquired in the Melton trade.

However, according to the 2022 nba executive of the year, the grizzlies made all the right picks for the fourth year in a row.

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