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Grizzlies success "bring everybody together" in Memphis after 9 straight wins

“We’re not scared of the Lebrons, the Kevin Durants. We’re here to take on anybody.”

MEMPHIS, Tenn — The grit and grind mentality is engrained in Memphis culture, and when our teams do well fans usually agree we all feel we’re on top of the world.

With the Grizzlies setting a franchise record with Sunday's ninth straight win, fans are glad the rest of the country is recognizing the talent players are made of.

“Memphis as a whole on the national stage gets a bad rep for the crime,” said longtime fan Antonio Braxton Sr. “It brings everybody together. There’s no racism at the games, there’s no higher class, middle class.”

Braxton has been a Grizzlies fan since the team came to Memphis in 2001 – it’s a love he’s passed onto his son.

He said the basketball fever isn’t just about the wins and losses.

“When your favorite team is doing good you sleep better, you feel like your finances are better, your mindset is better," Braxton explained. "Your day goes well.”

Braxton has extensive memorabilia at home and an impressive jersey collection.

He said new fans are being attracted, and point guard Ja Morant’s recent gravity-defying block is only helping.

“People who normally don’t buy jerseys they’ll probably get those jerseys because Ja Morant represents Memphis.”

Braxton said whether you’re at the games or tuned in at home, the team represents a family reunion, a brotherhood that won’t be stopped. 

“We’re not scared of the Lebrons, the Kevin Durants. We’re here to take on anybody.”


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