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Memphis, Memphis, Memphis - all we see is Memphis

Donnie Young, boxing coach that coined the infamous "Memphis, Memphis, Memphis" quotes, talks Grizzlies.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis has the chance to send the Timberwolves packing Friday night with a win in Game Six. Donnie Young said he feels Memphis can get it done.

After Memphis trailed by 13 at the end of the third quarter in game five, and Jaren Jackson Jr., one of the Grizzlies’ best defenders, fouled out half way through the fourth quarter... Memphis fans were worried.

However, Donnie Young was not.

“These people have came to our city, and I consider them as invaders. We we're going to stop them and beat them because we are from Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, Memphis,” said Young. 

That’s exactly what the famous Grizzlies growl towels read: Memphis Memphis Memphis.

Donnie Young reminded those around him, “I told my son and I told my COO Jerome Taylor, I said we are going to take this one, I said, because we’re Memphis. It’s our time now.”

Sure enough, with one second left to spare, Ja Morant took it.

Now, the Grizzlies need one more win to take the next gen to a place they have yet to see, the NBA Western Conference semi-finals, which Young believes is soon to come.

“Greatness comes out of this city. Greatness awaits us, and greatness is taking place with us and for us because we are Memphis,” said Young.

Memphis is now the first team in NBA history to have multiple fourth quarter double-digit comebacks wins in a single play-off series.

Ja Morant is now the first since Lebron in 2007, with the most consecutive points in a play-off game under the age of 22.

A game of cat-and-mouse Young believes Memphis cant run from, and Ja understands that.

“Ain't no running in the M man, we climb up the chimney,” Ja Morant.

“The greatness for us in to be up against something that’s trying to stop us, and this is when we show up and show out because we are the predator and not the prey. We are the victors and not the victim. This city is, we’re familiar with struggle. We’re familiar with fight. We love to fight. What I mean by fight, we stand for something, to not give up,” said Young.

In short, Game Six gives the Grizzlies an opportunity to end their first series of the 2022 Western Conference playoffs.

Young wants fans to remember one thing.

“Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, the most beautiful land in the world. Sum it up like that,” said Young.

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