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Michael Strahan visits Memphis Showboats ahead of season opener

ABC24's Clayton Collier went 1-on-1 with the NFL Hall of Famer Friday at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After 38 years, the Memphis Showboats return to the field Saturday against the Philadelphia Stars. Ahead of their USFL season opener, Michael Strahan paid a visit to the team. ABC24's Clayton Collier caught up with the NFL Hall of Famer and Good Morning America Host to talk about their return, and his love for the city.

Clayton Collier: "We're used to seeing you on Good Morning America, but it's football that brings you Memphis. How exciting is it to be part of bringing the Showboats back to this city in Year Two of the USFL?

Michael Strahan: "I think it's fantastic. I love football. So anytime I get to see great football, I'm all-in. I grew up with the USFL, so to see it come back—and this is it's second season—I think it's great. We have fall football, obviously. But to have some football in the spring, that gives us a chance see other athletes go out and perform the sport that we love. You can't beat it." 

Clayton Collier: "I know you're also a Houston native. So are you going to be rooting for the Houston Gamblers or are you going to be a Showboats guy?

Michael Strahan: "Why you gonna put me on the spot like that? (Laughs) Don't put me on the spot like that! The Houston Gamblers."

Clayton Collier: "We'll move on. You have such a rare ability to appeal to so many different people. All walks of life. Where does that come from for you? 

Michael Strahan: "I think it's just being interested in life and interested in people. And being yourself. Other than that I don't know if there's a secret formula. Especially when it comes to my life and my career, I've always just been me. Thank goodness people have liked that. But that's about it. Enjoy your life. You live it one time. Enjoy it. Be good to people. Be nice to people. Be good to yourself. And the rest will take care of itself."

Clayton Collier: "This isn't your first time in Memphis. We know you've done a lot with St. Jude over the years as well. What is your favorite part about this city?"

Michael Strahan: "I mean St. Jude is definitely one of my favorite parts about this city. Because we came here with fox for st. Jude 14-15 years ago. And that's how I was introduced to the charity that I have been a part of ever since. I love St. Jude of course. I love barbeque. I'm looking forward to some barbeque, there you go man. I'm very simple. Barbeque, the kids, and some football!"

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