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ESPN's Perkins suggests Lakers should bring in Spurs' Popovich as next head coach

"That's the only coach that could go in there and get this team under control," Perkins.

SAN ANTONIO — The Lakers' 2021-22 season was a disaster and the team failed to make the NBA Playoffs despite having a star-studded roster that included LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Anthony Davis.

Now that the Lakers' season is over, the first domino to fall was the firing of Frank Vogel as head coach.

This opens the door for someone new to lead the Lakers on the sidelines and ESPN's Kendrick Perkins suggests the only man for the job is San Antonio Spurs' Gregg Popovich.

During ESPN's "First Take," the former NBA big man opined that Popovich should be the Lakers' new coach.

"When you talk about all the coaches that could possibly be available, that you possibly can get for this job, the only coach that comes to mind to come coach this team, if you're bringing back Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis and LeBron James is Gregg Popovich," Perkins said. "That's the only coach that could go in there and get this team under control."

Perkins went on to say Popovich's NBA resume is enough to command the respect of the team and the players would have to fall in line for what he's done.

There's no doubt Popovich's coaching could get the Lakers back in line but it is highly doubtful he would take his coaching talents to Los Angeles.

His time in the league is winding down, getting older (73 years old), and taking the coaching ropes for the Spurs' long-time rival is probably not how he'd like to bookend his career.

Chances are that once he is done coaching in San Antonio, that would be it for him moving forward.

Barring any type of overwhelming, offer-he-cannot-refuse scenario, it is highly unlikely Popovich would become the next Lakers head coach.

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