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While sports gets attention, it’s education that drives the University of Memphis to make a difference

Memphis, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – While everyone focuses on the Tiger’s football team, it’s important to take a look at the education students are recei...

Memphis, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – While everyonefocuses on the Tiger’s football team, it’s important to take a look at theeducation students are receiving at the U of M.

“Driven by Making a Difference!” That’s theuniversity’s slogan. And school officials say that’s what’s happeningevery single day on the campus. Local 24 News Weeknight Anchor Katina Rankin explains.

Nestled in a quiet Midtown neighborhood with trees abound andwaterfalls spouting H2O sits the University of Memphis. The university wasfounded in 1909 and opened its doors in 1912.

Students selected blue and gray as the school colors. The tiger astheir mascot.

There is no doubt you’re in the Tigers Den when you pull onto 3720Alumni Avenue. Some 20,000 plus students see tigers all around them oncampus as they walk to their classes.

Besides the landscape and the sports teamsheaded by Mike Norvell and Penny Hardaway, what makes this campus so unique isits foundation: education.

Let’s look at a few of their programs.

First, Access Memphis. Its goal is studentsuccess. It focuses on diversity and inclusion and making sure lower-incomestudents have a chance at getting a quality, higher education.  

“It’s important for students and families to kind of budget andactually plan for their future,” said Assistant Director of Financial AidScholarships Lofton Wilborn.

The University of Memphis has had the lowest tuition/fee increases inthe state of Tennessee over the last 5 years. In Fall of 2018, approximately 620students came from households with an income threshold of $50,000. ThroughAccess Memphis and Hope Scholarships, students are sure to thrive; especiallywith the university’s guaranteed rate.

“It actually locks in your tuition for the next four years. So,whatever tuition you come in at, at that point and time you’re actually lockedinto that,” said Wilborn.

Head over to the University of Memphis Research Foundation Park andyou’ll see the U of M is combining the past with the future – converting an oldlibrary branch into a space for startups, with the hope of eventually having aninternational imprint full of creative empowerment for students to takeadvantage.

“I know at the University of Memphis, we have not just academiccounselors, now we also have career counselors in each college. So, a lot ofthings are helping students get those interview skills and make connectionswith internships and things like that,” said Financial Aid & ScholarshipOutreach Coordinator Matthew Rhodes.

Matthew Rhodes, a third-generation Tiger and U of M employee, saysit’s a recipe for success. And everyone knows Memphis is known for its greatfood. To that end, the U of M Board of Trustees approved a new culinaryinstitute for the university on Germantown Parkway in Cordova, where studentswill soon learn how to whip up dishes worthy for any tiger: animal orhuman. 

“I certainly believe, myself personally, all of those thingsoffer a more robust experience for our students,” said Rhodes.

And these unique programs along with others is why students pounce on the opportunity to attend the University of Memphis. Learn more HERE.