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Meet the Dallas man behind the suits at the NFL Draft

Carlton Dixon, the CEO and owner of Reveal Suits in Grand Prairie, loves to give men and women the customized confidence.

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — As the 2022 NFL Draft gets underway Thursday night, a local company called Reveal Suits has been in Las Vegas outfitting several first- and second-round players as the NFL Players Association’s apparel gift partner. 

Carlton Dixon, the CEO and owner of Reveal Suits in Grand Prairie, loves to give men and women the customized confidence they deserve through a fitted suit. What makes his suits unique are the special linings inside, most often a sports team logo. 

Personally, he has 32 suits and 14 separate blazers. He enjoys sharing his passion with his customers, which is why he founded the company in 2017. 

“Where passion meets fashion,” Dixon said. 

That’s his tagline for the company. 

Fancy on the outside, there are dozens of colors to pick from. Then, each suit can be made with a little fun and flare underneath with a chosen lining. 

Customers can also pick out of a book of buttons, and the suit will be embossed with a font of choice. 

Reveal Suits is the only custom apparel company with an official NCAA license. The company is partnered with 92 schools, fraternities, sororities. Carlton said there are plans to get even bigger.

It’s “the reveal” of the suit lining that attracted collegiate and professional athletes over the last five years. Carlton has outfitted full university teams, and even big names in the pros, like Tim Hardaway, Nancy Lieberman, Bill Russell, and many more.

“The one thing we don’t want to do is we don’t want to miss anyone,” said Carlton. 

His suits start from $495 and up. 

Carlton’s humble roots are the foundation of Reveal Suits. He was raised in South Dallas and said he had to make his own opportunities. He started the business in the DFW area, and it’s where his business will stay.

As he outfits people across the country, he said, “It will always remain a Dallas/Fort Worth business. That’s for sure.”

He has goals to expand his licensing to professional teams and leagues. 

“Possibilities are endless with Reveal,” Carlton said.

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