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Rachel Heck reflects on NCAA championship, U.S. Women's Open in return to Memphis

Heck is in Millington as a guest at this week's Bubba Conlee Junior Golf Tournament at Mirimichi Golf Course

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Coming home to Memphis was exactly what Rachel Heck needed, after a whirlwind of a last two months. 

"Getting back home, seeing my family. Going back to my course and seeing everyone I grew up with," she said. "It's given me such a great time to reflect on everything and be so, so beyond grateful for where I've been."

Heck competed at the U.S. Open as an amateur at The Olympic Club just weeks after winning not only a national championship as a freshman, but conference and regional titles as well. She is just the third woman ever to accomplish such a feat.

This week, Heck returns to Mirimichi Golf Course in Millington as a guest, a former champion, and star alum of the Bubba Conlee junior golf tournament.

"It's just all been a dream come true," she said. "I just had the time of my life playing postseason with my team. It was my Freshman Year at Stanford. Just being there in itself has been a dream. To play so well and have the opportunity to play some professional events, one of them being the U.S. Open, was really special.” 

The St. Agnes Academy graduate could jump straight into a professional career, but said she wants to enjoy her journey at Stanford.

"I'm not going to get ahead of myself or turn pro or anything," Heck said. "I already gave up half a semester at Stanford for COVID. I'm really not going to give up anymore, so I'm excited to just be a college student for the next three years."

But while she is holding off on a pro career, Heck is already an inspiration for young female athletes.

"It's still weird to think about, because I still feel like the little girl who is looking up to all of the pros," she admitted. "They're my role models. So, to think that there are little girls who are out there looking up to me is really special. I think that is what it's all about."

Heck returns to the LPGA circuit next week, competing in the Marathon Classic in Sylvania, Ohio.

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