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Does Tampa have an advantage playing at home during Super Bowl LV?

The one advantage the Bucs will have during the Super Bowl is familiarity. Familiarity with the town, the facility and where the good takeout restaurants are.

WASHINGTON — We’ve been waiting for this moment since the creation of the Super Bowl back in 1967. A home team to make it to the Super Bowl.

It’s pretty fitting that the GOAT, Tom Brady was the one to finally break through, and to do it after leaving the New England Patriots and their six Super Bowl rings behind.

However, the question isn’t how cool is this moment, it’s how much of an advantage do the Bucs have?

The answer is not much.

The Chiefs already beat the Bucs in Tampa Bay 27-24 earlier this season with just under 16,000 fans in the stands. This time around there will be roughly 22,000 fans, but they won’t all be cheering for the Bucs.

Roughly 7,000 vaccinated healthcare workers will make up roughly a third of the crowd and a lot of them have been invited from the Kansas City area. There will still be more Bucs fans, than Chiefs fans in the building, but it won’t be what we’ve all imagined a home Super Bowl game would look like.

Nothing will be normal about this week and that includes the Chiefs staying in Kansas City until late in the week.

There won’t be the media frenzy and the big corporate Super Bowl parties. There will be Zoom media availability and people will most likely forget to mute themselves.

The one advantage the Bucs will have is familiarity. Familiarity with the town, the facility and where the good takeout restaurants are.

Will that be enough? That’s the question of the day.

In this episode of Locked On Today, Peter Bukowski takes you through all the news you need to know in order to be Locked on Today. The Lions and Rams agreed to a blockbuster deal and we hear from both sides on how this went down and what position each team is in moving forward. There was a buzzer beater, a streak ended and a Royal Rumble. Plus the Q of the day, how much of an advantage does Tampa have playing at home in the Super Bowl? 

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