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91-year-old veteran starts Fred's Bistro to spend time with his neighbors

“Any time of the year, the Bistro is the place to go,” said Patsy McLaughlin, our Nextdoor neighbor.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There is one thing you can definitely say about the Mid-South. There’s a whole lot of love.

Local 24’s Nextdoor Reporter, Brittani Moncrease, introduces us to Spencer Frederick, also known as Fred, who created a unique bond with his entire neighborhood.

“Come on! You’re all welcomed. Come on in,” said a Germantown resident.

It is Fred’s Bistro.

“Any time of the year, the Bistro is the place to go,” said Patsy McLaughlin, our Nextdoor neighbor.

Fred Bistro is a place where our Nextdoor neighbors in Germantown kick back, relax, and have good conversation.

“I love it,” said Spencer Frederick, Fred’s Bistro creator.

Fred is the man of the place and he opens his backyard to all his neighbors for Fred’s Bistro.

“To me, it’s like a big family. I love all of them out here,” said Fred.

He is 91-year-old and on this particular Friday at Fred’s Bistro, it was all about him.

“Fred has turned our neighborhood a very warm and welcoming and cherished place,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin is also Fred’s neighbor and a frequent Fred’s Bistro goer.

“When we pull into our garage or when we come home from wherever we’ve been, we look down and say, ‘Is Fred’s garage open,’” said McLaughlin.

It usually is.

Fred not only opened his backyard bistro, but he added his own flavor to the neighborhood.

He is a proud veteran having served in the Korean War.

“I got purple heart tags on my vehicle. I was wounded twice,” said Fred.

Up and down their neighborhood are flags Fred mounted to honor his country.

“I put all these flags up and down through here,” said Fred.

He also made a cannon as part of the neighborhood’s veteran memorial.

“I love doing things for people,” said Fred.

His neighbors honored him with his own flag pole.

“We really admire him and love him. We just love him. I wished he called you sugar once. When he calls me sugar, I just turned to sugar myself,” said McLaughlin.

From the sweet soul himself, “Yeah, sugar,” said Fred. He’s sending smiles, laughter, and love.

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