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Mississippians have option to use digital driver's license

You can store movie tickets, boarding passes, proof of vaccination, and now your driver's license or ID in your smartphone.

MISSISSIPPI, USA — More and more, what used to take up space in your wallet is taking up space on your phone. You can store movie tickets, boarding passes, and even proof of vaccination all on your mobile device. Now Mississippians can control their state ID digitally. 

The Mississippi Mobile ID is a digital version of your physical driver's license that allows you to use your cell phone as a legal form of identification anywhere in the state where you would usually show your driver's license.

The mobile ID is voluntary and allows you to control how much of your personal information you want to show people during a transaction. According to the Mississippi DPS website, the app is secure and private and gives Mississippians instant access to an up-to-date version of their driver's license or id.

Kan Yang with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Memphis said there are still some things people have to consider when choosing this option. He said the Mobile ID should be used as an additional tool, but not a replacement. 

"If the phone is lost or out of battery, or you forget it at home, it will not be convenient in a lot of ways."

Yang did mention some good things about a digital ID. He said people in Mississippi will now have an acceptable backup if they forget or lose their wallets. Also, this mobile app allows you to set your own privacy settings so you can control if you only want to show your age or address during certain transactions.

But there are some cons that could push people away from using the app. Yang said he is not sure if all places will trust or accept digital IDs at first, Meaning you'll be out of luck if you don't have your physical card on you. And since hackers work around the clock, he also said it's never a 100% guarantee your phone or the app won't be hacked.

"It really depends on the app's security," yang said. You'll have to use a face ID or touch ID rather than using a simple pin number because that would be not as secure."

DPS said this app is safer than carrying your ID in your wallet because in order to access your ID and you have to use a face or touch ID.

If you need to renew your license, DPS said you would still have to do it online and it will update on the app. ABC 24 asked the Tennessee Department of Public Safety if they are considering also allowing digital ID. They said they're looking into it but still have concerns with how secure the apps may be.

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