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Memphis International Airport, TSA see increased number of guns in security checkpoints | Here are the rules when travelling with a gun

TSA officials said Memphis International Airport surpassed the number of guns found in security check points found through 2021.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As holiday travel ramps up, TSA officials reported a record number of guns found in Memphis International Airport security checkpoints.

As of November 22, 2022, TSA reported 73 guns found during security checks in Memphis. That's more than the 67 discovered guns at the airport in all of 2021.

Two guns were found Friday, November 18. Of the 73 guns found, 85% were loaded and 45% had a bullet in the chamber.

Memphis International Airport saw the most passengers in a single day since 2019 on Sunday, November 13.

TSA officials urged potential flyers to know the rules when traveling with a gun. "If you wind up bringing that weapon in your carry on bag, we're gonna find it," said Kevin McCarthy, the TSA Deputy Federal Security Director.

According to the TSA's website, firearms must be transported "in a locked hard-sided container as a checked bag only."

All weapons in a checked bag must be unloaded.

In other states, bringing a loaded gun through a checkpoint could result in penalties, including fines up to $14,950.

"Here in the state of Tennessee, with our changes on permit carry laws... if there's nothing else going on, they're going to escort you out of the building [and] allow you to give that weapon to a non-traveler or put it back in your vehicle," McCarthy said.

If you have questions regarding TSA firearm regulations, the agency has a contact center to clarify what can and cannot be transported in carry-on or checked luggage.


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