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Efforts made to relieve neighborhoods impacted by significant flooding in Clarksdale, Mississippi

"It just seems like it gets a little worse every year,” Coahoma County EMA Director John Tarzi said. “It’s sort of getting to be the norm.”

CLARKSDALE, Miss — Flooding is impacting neighborhoods in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Multiple inches of rain fell this week.

Water in the street, water in fields. Multiple areas in Coahoma County are experiencing flooding.

Water even surrounds a Clarksdale church.

“We were amazed again,” said resident Candy Bobo. “We were hoping the Lord would see fit that this would not happen again. But it has and we just have to take it step by step."

Bobo recently sold a house on a road that's currently flooded and has friends that currently reside on it.

Bobo said she's thankful the water is being pumped from residential neighborhoods.  

"That did not happen the last time but we're glad they're doing it now,” she said. “That's the only thing that is saving Ms. Vincent's house right now."

Coahoma County EMA Director John Tarzi said the area got almost nine inches of rain, resulting in streets and yards being flooded. He added it's making neighbors nervous.

"It just seems like it gets a little worse every year,” Tarzi said. “They're in the process of getting ready to build a levee around Pearson Street and this happened so it halted everything. It’s sort of getting to be the norm."

As residents hope the rain will stay away some are remaining optimistic.

"The river I say crested last night but it still rose a little bit,” said Tarzi. “It hadn't started moving yet, it hasn't started dropping yet." 

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