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From sledding to shoveling snow, beware of the dangers

Folks across the Mid-South are getting out and enjoying the snow. But beware of the dangers.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Folks across the Mid-South are getting out and enjoying the snow. But beware of the dangers.

First – sledding. There are videos popping up on social media of some people putting themselves and others in danger by sledding down major streets.

Keithen Hunt shared a video on Facebook of a man being dragged behind a vehicle while snowboarding in shorts and short sleeves along Poplar Avenue. The video stopped at the end when they saw the police.

And videos shared by Greg Stablein of some folks near the University of Memphis area show a truck dragging a man in a tire sled, and a four-wheeler dragging two people in sleds down a street.

While it may look fun, medical experts say it’s not only dangerous - it could be deadly.

"It’s a very dangerous thing to do. Really you should not be towed behind anything period.  Especially when it comes to vehicles. If a vehicle loses control, it has to stop,” said Dr. Dale Criner with St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett.

According to the Shelby County Fire Department, a teenager from the Bolton area was taken to the hospital over the weekend after the sled he was being pulled on by an ATV crashed into farm equipment.

Next - shoveling snow can be dangerous, especially if you have a heart condition. 

Every year, people die from heart attacks that occur while snow shoveling. Many people don't realize how strenuous an activity it is.

Shoveling raises your heart rate and blood pressure and the cold weather can decrease the flow of blood to your heart.

The bottom line: if you have a heart problem, shoveling could put your life at risk.

“If there is someone who is in better health who can do it for you, it would be better. Or if you don’t have to go out of the house, just let it melt,” said Dr. Criner.

The National Safety Council recommends:

  • Not shoveling after eating
  • Take it slow and stretch
  • Shovel fresh powdery snow only
  • Lift with your legs not your back
  • And push the snow instead of lifting it.
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