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Life with no water - How Memphians are dealing with the boil water alert

Some Memphians are helping others by dropping off donations at an apartment complex without heat & water, others melting snow

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —
While most people are dealing with low water pressure, some people don't have any running water in at all in their homes, and they are having to find creative ways to get through these tough times

"Sometimes mine will trickle a little bit and I will run a bucket under it and let the bucket fill. Then I have nothing for several hours," said Stacie Tinkey, a Shelby Forest resident.

Tinkey has been learning to live without water. The water went out for several of her neighbors in the North Shelby County community of Shelby Forest.

While she doesn't know what caused the problem, she has come up with a solution. It's called melting snow.

"Every large container I can find, which is pots and pans and bowls and galvanized buckets,"said Tinkey. "I've got a big pot on the stove and we are pouring it down onto other buckets and trying to keep the supply going - snow to water to holding area."

In midtown Memphis, residents in an apartment building on 45 South Idlewild are living without heat and water.

"I'm amazed by all the help we have received this morning," said resident Mallory Foy.

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Donations of food and water started coming in when one of the residents put out a call for help on the midtown "buy nothing midtown downtown" Facebook page.

"We have some disabled people here - people in wheelchairs -  and we want to make sure they are taken care of because we love them," said Foy.

Foy is grateful for the donations from the community and said if more people want to help, "More water, and we don't have heat, so safe, small heaters would be (good), blankets for older people would be helpful as well."

As for Tinkey, she hopes the water woes will soon end. 

"As long as we have snow, I can do it for as long as it takes. My concern is when the snow melts."

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