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Flash flooding turns into rescue mission for Hernando family

Parts of DeSoto County experienced intense flooding Friday afternoon.

HERNANDO, Miss — Flash flooding engulfed James Stigall's Hernando yard Friday with four-wheelers nearly submerged and knee-deep water pouring into cars.

His home only had a few inches of water inside, but several inches of water covered his driveway and grass.

"When I actually came outside and was getting ready to walk off the porch that’s when the reality of it set in of what was going on," Stigall said.

The rushing, high water from the creek next to his house made it nearly impossible for his yard to drain in time. Stigall said in the years he has lived there, his yard has never flooded to this extent. 

"Not even close," Stigall said. "It usually comes up on the backside of the yard maybe six to eight inches and then an hour or two after the rain it goes away."

DeSoto County search and rescue crews had to get Stigall's family out of their house on boats shortly after the flash flooding hit around noon.

Stigall said the worst damage is to his cars and it will likely be a while until all the water drains from his yard. 

He's grateful for his neighbors and friends helping during his time of need. 

"We’ll just start all over. That’s all we can do," Stigall said. "Regroup and make the best of what we’re working with. At least everybody is all safe."

DeSoto County Emergency Services is reminding people if they are driving and see a flooded road, turn around and find a new route.