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Between snowball fights and snowboarding, people in Downtown Memphis enjoyed the snow

The Bluff City was a winter wonderland with iconic landmarks covered in snow.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In Downtown Memphis, you'll find Beale Street, Elvis Presley, and Main Street all covered in snow. Some of the city's most iconic landmarks were blanketed in a winter wonderland on Monday. 

While not too many ventured out in the frigid temperatures, the weather was still a special surprise for some. Tourists Jay Parr and John Blake couldn't leave Memphis due to the weather but enjoyed the "unexpected" snowfall. 

"Never ever. Did not see this coming," Parr said. 

The Mid-South doesn't often get snow like this, so people took full advantage of the fun. Many enjoyed the experience with snowball fights on the Main Street trolley tracks and snowboarding down Second Street.

However, some tourists, like Ky Mickles, did not expect to see the city like this. Locals knew the heavy snowfall was coming, but some tourists were surprised to see this much snow for a city that often has more mild winters. 

"It’s been amazing as far as the food and the atmosphere, but I never thought I’d be experiencing a blizzard on Beale Street," Mickles said.

While this is a memorable and exciting time here in the Bluff City, one aspect of this won't be missed so much. 

"We're going to miss Memphis," Blake said. "Are we going to miss the snow? Not so much."

People are having fun in this moment but can't wait to enjoy it a little more with warmer weather that will hopefully come soon. 

"Of course. In May! During Memphis in May!" Mickles said. 

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