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MLGW shows power restored to most areas after Friday's storms

Always assume that downed power lines are live and have electricity flowing. Do not touch them.

About 250 Memphis Light, Gas and Water customers were still without power as of 10:00 a.m. Tuesday after severe storms and tornadoes hit the region this weekend.

According to the outage map, a majority of those outages remain near the Orange Mound area.

In an update Monday morning, MLGW said customers could see outage numbers fluctuate as crews work safely to restore power after the storms. Outside crews are helping MLGW crews.  

MLGW said originally 54,518 customers were without power due to the storms. 

For information about a specific outage or if there is a specific outage and this map is not showing it in that section, MLGW asks you to call its Outage Hotline at 901-544-6500.

If you go outside and you see downed power lines, always assume the power lines are live and have electricity flowing. Do not touch them or walk on them.

To report an emergency such as downed wires or gas leaks, please call 528-4465. This number should be treated like 911 and only used for these types of emergencies.

Here are some other safety tips from the National Weather Service.

During a tornado:

  • If you're in a house, go to the basement if there is one. Otherwise, get to the smallest room in the center of the home like a closet or bathroom.
  • Stay away from all windows.
  • Cover your head if possible by wearing a helmet or putting a mattress on top of you.
  • If you're in an apartment building, get to the lowest floor possible or seek shelter in interior stairwells. The next safest place is away from windows in an interior room like a closet, bathroom, or hallway.

What happens if there's a tornado and you're driving?

  • Try and avoid being outside in the first place; otherwise, try to seek shelter in a building if nearby.
  • If caught in high winds, debris is a concern. Park the car out of traffic. Stay in your car with a seatbelt on.
  • Put your head down below the windows and cover your head with hands and a blanket or coat, if available.

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