Local Person Of The Week: Matt White


A story that started with a pack of donuts, inspired Matt White to give what he could to 15-year old Chauncy Black. But sharing White’s story of why he helped, inspired hundreds more to give.

Chauncy black wanted to work, helping grocery shoppers get their bags to their cars, and all he wanted in return was a pack of donuts. What he got was so much more, all thanks to White, our local person of the week.

“I love to give if I have the opportunity to give,” says White.

Not only did Matt White give, but he inspired others to give to Chauncy Black, a kid he never knew before he stepped into Kroger one June afternoon. 15-year-old Chauncy was eager to work for food, and asked White if he could carry his groceries to his car outside the Poplar Plaza Kroger, in exchange for a pack of donuts.

“Chauncey, when I saw his face. Just the situation. I couldn’t say no to him,” says White.

Others had refused Chauncy, but White saw something they didn’t. White says he saw a teenager, in dingy clothes, alone, and driven to earn something to eat. “It just broke my heart,” says White.

The two spent the next hour or more becoming friends, while White bought the donuts and a basket full of food for Chauncy. “And then we missed the bus, so I took him home and that’s when I saw the situation.”

Chauncy’s mother was there, sitting on the only piece of furniture they owned, in a room with no air and no food in the kitchen.

“When I left he looked so happy and yet I felt like there was so much more for me to do,” says White. “You know, that I have so much to myself that I could give.”

White shared his experience on social media. That post and other news stories went viral, resulting in more than $333,000 raised on GoFundMe , a lawn mower, and even offers of tuition for Chauncy.

“I wasn’t even asking for anything when I made my post. I was just letting people know be grateful for how much you got.”

If you want to donate to Chauncy… click HERE for the GoFundMe page

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