Assault victim speaks out following Cooper-Young attack


MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – A group of teen boys are being sought by Memphis police after assaulting and attempting to rob a teenager in the Cooper-Young neighborhood.

“I guess he saw that I had a 20 on me, so he tried to snatch it,” said 16-year-old Leif Love-Cloys.

Love-Cloys was walking on Elzey Avenue when one of six teen boys asked him for a dollar, which he gave. When they asked for more, at least two boys attacked.

Ring camera video of the incident was captured from a neighbor.

“One came up from behind me and kind of hooked my arms, like, behind my shoulders like this and lifted me up,” said Love-Cloys.

He said they even threatening his life.

“While the one who asked me for the dollar, after threatening to shoot me.”

In the video, a teen is seen in a yellow and black jacket holding Leif back, as another in gray throws a punch.

“Since I couldn’t run away because I was being held,“ said the victim. “I chose to fight back or at least kick. So I can keep them away from my money.”

Neighbors on the site Nextdoor claim the same group of boys harassed them. One said they shouted racial slurs while another said she was cursed out.

Love-Cloys said in hindsight of his attack, something seemed off.

“He asked me for a dollar. When he tried to snatch it from me, he said he was just kidding, just playing,” the victim said. “That’s when I got a bit suspicious.”

“That’s a message no parent wants to get,”  said mother Edith Love. ‘Mom, I’ve been attacked. The police are coming.”

Ms. Love doesn’t want to press charges. Instead, she’d like to sit down with them.

“With them, with their families and say, ‘look this is my baby. This is your baby’,” said Love. “Let’s talk this through.”

Her son was taken to a minor medical clinic after some ear numbness. Love-Cloys walked away fairly okay with some broken glasses.

“I’ve gained a lot of street sense,” said Love-Cloys.

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