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Frustrated with bullies at his school, a student created an anti-bullying group at Desoto Central Elementary

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (localmemphis.com) – Back in third grade, Gus Lafever watched a bully in action on the playground. That bully threatened to throw someone’s iPad over a fence. 

Lafever knew what needed to happen next. 

He wrote a letter to his Assistant Principal, stating something must be done. 

“I think we should have some organization to stop this,” said Lafever. “That’s how our club was born.” 

With wisdom beyond his years, the current fifth-grader at Desoto Central Elementary knows one thing about people who act out, picking on others. 

“I think most bullies want attention because they don’t get enough attention at home, and I think it’s their way of getting other people to look at them, but it’s a very bad way to do that,” said Lafever. 

Together with his classmates, Gus leads one of the largest student-led groups on campus. Their mission is simple: stop bullying in its tracks. 

“Our goal was to teach what bullying is, how to stop it, and if you’re being bullied, how to reach out,” said Lafever.

“When I had a young man come to me wanting to solve the world’s problems, I said I’m going to join his team,” said Lindsey Millbrooks, Assistant Principal at Desoto Central Elementary. 

Gus believes students are getting the message. 

“It makes me happy I was able to start this club and was able to spread the message about less bullying,” said Lafever. “It definitely makes me feel good.”

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